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Projects Of Ours

Good Night and God Bless Sleeping Bags

Good Night and God Bless Sleeping Bag 1 Good Night and God Bless Sleeping Bag 2 Good Night and God Bless Sleeping Bag 3

The waterproof sleeping bags was developed by Jo Maxwell in 2005 and used as a temporary emergency measure in the townships during the wet and cold winter months. They are also distributed to Night Shelters, refugees and the homeless.
They are inexpensive at a cost of around R6 and made from heavy duty large plastic bags (900cm x 1500 cms), newspaper and packing tape. After a demonstration to the Royal College of Medical Practitioners in Wales in 2011 the staff  have taken on the project which is now in Scotland and England.  To date volunteers from churches, schools, police force, inmates of prisons, large corporate companies have made and distributed over 20,000.  The Rotary Club of Claremont sponsor the sleeping bags.

67 Minutes for Nelson Mandela 2012

Many organisations, schools, and individuals used their 67 minutes to make a difference to the lives of thousands. Here are some that participated in The Good Night and God Bless Sleeping Bag project:
• St George's Grammar Prep School
• Christ the Mediator school holiday programme in Mitchells Plain
• ABSA Private Banking
• Wynberg Girls' High School
• Bergvliet High School
• Old Mutual - Cape Town and Johannesburg
• Ahead Gear
• Natalie Barnett's children and friends
• And many others who collected material and got friends together.

67 Minutes for Nelson Mandela 2013

Once again, the people of Cape Town came together to spend their “67 minutes for Nelson Mandela” by making the Good Night and God Bless sleeping bags:
• Cliffe Dekker
• Teaches of Herschel School
• Herzlia Middle School
• Westerford High School
• Bishops
• Old Mutual
• Interact Club of Blouberg
• St. Georges Grammar School
• Yuppie Chef

Volunteers have now made in excess of 40,000 since 2005, and with the new size which is slightly bigger, we have a new formula for laying the newspaper which allows for the sleeping bags to be made in half the time now.


1st photo - Staff of Tallow Oil trying out a finished bag.

2nd photo - St George's Grammar Junior school.

3rd & 4th photo - Making it all worthwhile. A thank you signed by all the children.

5th photo - The staff of The Jupiter Drawing Room.

6th photo - The staff of TNS Global in Newlands.

7th photo - Another community working on sleeping bags in Lavender Hill.

8th photo - Now in Lentegeur with children during a holiday program run by Christ the Redeemer.

9th photo - And when finished I sit on daddy's chest.

10th photo - I go anywhere and everywhere. This with a group of young people in a private home in Retreat.

11th photo - The start of the 67 minutes for Nelson Mandela 2014.

12th photo - Hundreds of homeless sleep on the streets of Cape Town. Homelessness knows no religion or colour.


1st photo - UCT International Academic Programmes Office staff after a demonstration of the Good Night and God Bless sleeping bag. All staff to do on Wednesday 24th June 2015.

2nd photo - Loren trying out the sleeping bag.

3rd photo - Members of South Point Church having a demonstration of how to make a Good Night and God Bless sleeping bad.

Coins for Causes

Coins for Causes 1 Coins for Causes 2 Coins for Causes 3

A very simple way of raising funds for projects. I started this project at our Rotary Club last year where a bottle is sent around to each table and members are invited to empty their pockets and handbags of small change. We collected over R2000 which was spent of school stationery for disadvantaged children and ingredients for soup kitchens. One could start this in an office or even in the home. Funds collected could either be donated to the Cape Town Red Hat Renegades, or a chosen charity be given something off their wish list.

Read the article written on the Rotary website here.

Coins for Causes benefits Groote Schuur Hospital

The red hats collected enough money through Coins for Causes to donate the following to three medical units at Groote Schuur Hospital.

6 Haematology Isolation Wards
Patients can spend up to 6 months here during treatment. Wallies Wall Art peel and stick units were bought to brighten up all 6 Wards. The beauty of the peel and stick wall art is that the patients can play around with the art by moving each individual vinyl piece around a blank wall creating different designs. The importer donated 4 items of wall art including Peel & Stick Chalk Boards and 12 DVDs. With the assistance of a knowledgeable assistant we found 12 positive and funny movies.

Occupational Therapy Unit
We were able to buy 6 Looky Bags for this unit. These are bean bags with a difference, as each bag has a clear section with 28 small items hidden amongst little plastic balls. Great for improving gross and fine motor skills. The importer donated more exercise recyclable items plus a Looky Bag.

The head of Paediatrics, Dr. Paul Roux, who deals with children affected by the HIV virus who come for regular treatment, has received 4 Peel and Stick Chalk Board for two of his wards.

We are very grateful to the importer for their generosity by giving us a good discount and no charge for courier services. Look for items for children from Krooom, Makedo, Wallies and Perplexus. Coral Moon adds colour to your life.

A Library in Every School

A Library in Every School 1 A Library in Every School 2 A Library in Every School 3

Another of the Cape Town Red Hat Renegades projects was to raise funds to purchase books for disadvantaged schools. We organised a flower festival at the Irma Stern Museum and with the R12,000 were able to help two new school libraries. We continue to collect books and have helped raise funds to complete a container library at one of the local schools.

Soup Kitchens

Soup Kitchens 1 Soup Kitchens 2 Soup Kitchens 3

We continue to support two soup kitchens in disadvantaged areas of Newfields and Ravensmead run by the church. The money either comes from the public through donations or from the Rotary Club of Claremont. Ingredients are purchased in bulk from a warehouse/hypermarket in Epping at excellent prices.


Clothing donations 1 Clothing donations 2 Clothing donations 3

A South African with a business in Spain has been sending huge cartons of children’s clothing, shoes and toys,  about 4 cartons a year, which go to the children in our township crèche’s.  Clothing not suitable for the children are donated to our soup kitchens who then sell to supplement the food. This is a Cape Town Red Hat Renegades project.

Food Parcels for Pensioners

Food Parcels for Pensioners 1 Food Parcels for Pensioners 2 Food Parcels for Pensioners 3

Whenever there is funding available, we put together healthy food parcels which are distributed to other organisations dealing with the elderly. We manage to do this at least once or twice a year especially over the Festive Season. We have thousands of pensioners living on and even below the breadline in the poorer areas of Cape Town. Our retirement villages have risen to the challenge and contributing non-perishable foods to be distributed through a social worker to those most desperately in need. Another project which could be taken up by other more advantaged retirement homes or office staff. We are supporting the elderly in the suburb of Brooklyn where the elderly are trying to exist on a government pension. One could also donate to the Red Hat Renegades who then buy in bulk at a discounted price. Curves, the women only gym, collected over 5000 kgs of food for distribution through Rotary Clubs. Read about how Curves of Claremont helped collect food here.

The residents of Pinewood Village were most generous is donating non-perishable items to make up 30 food parcels for pensioners in Brooklyn, a rather depressed suburb of Cape Town. Pick n Pay also donated a Gift Voucher of R500 which enabled me to purchase enough products to make each food parcel equal. Many residents would like this to be an ongoing project, but perhaps on a three monthly basis. These food parcels will make a big difference to those pensioners trying to live off a government pension of R1200 when half goes towards rental of Communicare flats and will supplement their meagre food purchases which are mainly the very basics. Five chocolate bars, which were offered by the Manager of the Village (a donation to the village of dozens of full cartons of Twix and Malt Puffs) will be added to each parcel as a treat.

Bread for the Body and Soup for the Soul 2012

An initiative by a teacher of SACS junior school where each child was asked to donate a loaf of bread and a packet of soup on a specific day. They collected 500 loaves of bread, 600 packets of soup and 200 tins of soup which were delivered to three soup kitchens in Ravensmead, Newfields and Langa. Another project which could be taken up by companies or schools at minimal cost to donors but could make the difference between going to bed hungry or a warm meal.

Read the article written on the Rotary website here.


ePap 1 ePap 2 ePap 3

The most nutritious cereal developed in South Africa by a chemical engineer who has been honoured around the world for his innovative product. ePap contains a cocktail of 28 vital vitamins and minerals required by growing children at a cost of only R13.50 per child per month. Also suitable for those after undergoing surgery or where illness has compromised the immune system.

The Cape Town Renegades have helped to feed 900 children in 14 crèche’s in the impoverished the township of Browns Farm since 2004. The advantage of this cereal is that it must not be cooked but mixed with warm or cold milk or water thereby saving on electricity, gas or paraffin. Donations have come from the private sector, corporates and international sponsors.

Rotary are establishing a feeding scheme whereby they will sponsor 60 children suffering with HIV who collect their medication once a week from the Mitchells Plain Day Hospital with a daily meal of ePap. This will counteract the side effects of their medication and boost their immune system.

Read more about ePap here.

Going Green - Bottle Gardening

Bottle Gardening 1 Bottle Gardening 2 Bottle Gardening 3

Using a 1.5 ltr plastic bottle with top firmly closed, cut a hole 4 x 1.5 inch on the long side of the bottle. Puncture a few holes at the bottom for drainage. Add a few drainage chips and a layer of river sand before adding potting soil. Seedling such as lettuce, broccoli, celery, spinach (whatever has shallow roots and in season) can be planted – one in each bottle garden. These should be slightly lifted off the ground to ensure proper drainage and a garden, whether flowers or vegetables can be established without too much expense. We are currently involved in a disadvantaged junior school without space for a proper garden, to get the youngsters to understand how easy it is to feed a family only using their discarded cold drink bottles. We are supplying the soil and seedlings. Later we will work with seeds.

Gifts from South African Airways for Huis Luckhoff

Thanks must go to the crew of South African Airways, who very thoughtfully collected toiletries from hotels around the world. They arrived in a huge bag which were sorted into shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, hand lotion and soap. We added sweets and biscuits and on 22nd December distributed 40 gifts to the residents in the frail care centre of Huis Luckhoff and 40 gifts to the very caring staff of the old age home. It was rather distressing to see our elderly from less advantaged families get so excited over such a small gesture, possibly their only Christmas gift. Many of the elderly have simply been dumped by relatives and left alone until they pass on.

Westin Hotel mixed hotel guest toiletries donation

We received bags of mixed hotel guest toiletries from Westin Hotel which we sorted into unused and those which had been opened.

The unused toiletries have been packaged into pretty gift bags. The gift bags will go on sale at the Huis Luckhoff fete in November.

The used soaps have been distributed to the homeless and bottles which were half used went to a home for young girls.

30 Christmas Gift packs for Garden Cottage home

Once again, the Cape Town Red Hat Renegades were able to bring a little joy to 30 elderly at Garden Cottage. Through a donation of boxes of toiletries from Rotary Clubs in Canada, we made up Christmas gift bags and added a few extras.

Toys for the children of St. Cyprian's Anglican Church

Using the annual Rotary Club of Claremont's President's Challenge of R5000, we were able to purchase enough toys for the 60 children who belong to the St. Cyprian's Anglican Church in Langa. Together with sweets, cold drinks and biscuits the children were able to enjoy a happy Christmas party.

Groote Schuur Haematology Unit F4

Thanks to a generous donation from Miriam Ress, a long standing benefactor, now 91 years of age, the Cape Town Red Hat Renegades were able to purchase all the items off the wish list of the Haematology Unit of Groote Schuur Hospital. We were also given a practically new exercise bicycle from Dr. Cecil Craig and an exercise bench from Sue Price. The Rotary Club of Claremont installed new TV's, DVD players and radios in each ward. This 6 ward isolation unit is home to patients who are often kept in isolation for up to 6 months due to the possibility of Infection posing a serious danger to those receiving treatment. All the patients come from disadvantaged families. When funds become available we shall continue to supply new games to the Unit as patients are unable to share. All items have to be sterilised before distributing to the wards so only sealed and new games are possible.

On our hand over visit to Unit F Isolation Unit, we were greeted by Prof. Nicolas Novitsky (Head of the Department of Haematology), Dr. Erma Poulet (the Registrar) and Dr. Cecile du Toit, who is one of the many caring medical team members. Pictured are also Brian and Gill Bohlman of the Rotary Club of Claremont and Jo.

Stationery kits for children struck by disaster

The Cape Town Red Hat Renegades used funding to make up 55 school stationery kits for the children of the devastating fire and delivered them to the Gift of the Givers Foundation for distribution.

After further funding from the Rotary Club of Claremont, 10 volunteers from the Rotaract Club of Claremont made up a further 200 kits, which will be distributed by Disaster Management. We were given the use of the Pinelands Town Hall for the purpose of packing the stationery by Disaster Management, which was of enormous help as the contents of the kits took up 5 trestle tables. Through careful spending the cost of each kit was just over R50.

Rotaractors Come To The Rescue

Thanks to the help of four Claremont Rotaractors, and one of our young Rotarians, we managed to pack 80 substantial food parcels for the pensioners of Welverdiend Old Age Home in less than two hours.

Generous donations from St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, Herschel High School teachers and anonymous Selwyn enabled us to help make the residents lives a little easier. Tinned soup, Soup in a Cup and packets of soup came from SACS Junior School’s Bread for the Body and Soup for the Soul project. Everything else was purchased in bulk at a good price. Jo's car was laden with almost 500 kgs, which was distributed on Woman’s Day, 9th August 2013. With the back seats down and more bags on the passenger side to balance the load, her little car survived the trip. We think she needs a truck!

Bread for the Body and Soup for the Soul 2013

Walking into the SACS Junior School Hall on Friday 1st August, I was greeted by a heart-warming sight A large heart outlined by three rows of bread and a smaller heart outlined with tinned soup, filled with packets of soup and Soup In A Cup in the middle of the heart. In total there were around 800 loaves of bread, 350 tins of soup and 400 packets of soup.

The hundreds of loaves of bread, which required a truck to transport (thanks to a Rotary Club of Claremont member using the company vehicle), were distributed to two soup kitchens in Ravensmead and Newfield. 120 loaves were taken to Weldverdiend old age home in Rondebosch. 120 loaves were collected by Fellowship Christian School in Ottery together with 60 tins of soup on Saturday. The balance of the soups went into substantial food parcels for Welverdiend and delivered on Woman’s Day.

A superb project by SACS Junior School. Our thanks go to the teachers, children and parents for their generosity.

Children's clothing and toys donated to Christian Fellowship Church - Rescue Mission

A large box of beautiful children's clothing and toys was given to us by a friend in Spain. It has been donated to the Christian Fellowship Church - Rescue Mission in Ottery.

Below the box, you can see the start of more food parcels for pensioners, which will be distributed in November.

Gogo Tea Party

On 1 October 2013, the Cape Town Red Hat Renegades hosted a Gogo Tea Party for 200 elderly grannies and a few grandpa’s who care for orphaned grandchildren.

We used International Older Persons Day as the perfect reason for entertaining these carers who give so much of themselves in their later year, on a small government pension, to the care of the children. All 200 came from an organisation called GAPA (Grandparents against Poverty and Aids). We held the party at a civic hall and the GAPA grannies were coached in from Khayelitsha. They arrived in their pretty pink T-shirts singing and dancing as they got off the coaches and sashayed into the hall where a feast of sandwiches, sausage rolls, biscuits and cup cakes waited.

With 10 international volunteers from African Impact, staff from Disaster Management, ladies from Claremont Innerwheel and a few friends we were able to serve tea to all. SACS Junior School entertained the guests with music which had the ladies up and dancing again. We had five beautiful Red Hat themed cakes plus a very large one crediting everyone who helped make this day a success, which we cut just before they left. Talk about sugar overload. Everyone went home with a lovely gift bag containing 'special treats' plus a bonus present.

Projects of October and November 2013

The months of October and November are always a pretty hectic time for the Cape Town Red Hat Renegades, with half a dozen projects in aid of those less fortunate. Thanks to the generosity of a regular supporter of our organisation, Jutta Korfer, and an unexpected donation from Gillian Air of Oklahoma, we were able to complete 39 gifts to the children of the S.A. Children’s Home, together with 15 gifts for all the staff who care for them. They will also receive a packet of sweets and cold drink.

We were also fortunate enough to receive a cheque for R5000 from the Rotary Club of Claremont’s Presidents Challenge towards a charity/charities of our choice. This amount, together with similar amounts from Jimmy Warner and Peter Rogers, and R1000 from John Jacobs allowed us to do even more.

We put together 80 very full food parcels for the poorest residents of Welverdind Old Age Home which also included 80 packets of ePap and a tin of Pilchards donated by Bev Workman. With the help of Bev, Laurel and Kim we finished packing in one day. 30 food parcels went to the aged of St. Cyprian's Anglican Church in Langa, plus 60 great packet of sweets and drinks donated by an anonymous donor who happens to be the father of a son at SACS Junior School and 60 toys and books for the children.

30 Food parcels were distributed to the aged of the Epiphany Church in Ravensmead, together with a contribution towards their Christmas Party, and 60 packets of sweets for the children. We were also able to donate gifts to the temporary residents of Carpenters Workshop in the city and a donation of food for the Moravian Church who run a soup kitchen in Newfield.

What happens to one's home when working on three projects at a time

1st photo - Fabric from Carol Zee for clothing flea market in Langa on 1st March. 80 kgs Soya Mince for One Pot Eazi Meal.

2nd photo - In the bedroom, clothing from Carol Zee for sale at the Langa market.

3rd photo - In the office, boxes of beautiful Spanish children's clothing, shoes & toys from Nicky Prescott who lives in Majorca. Food for the cycle tour. In charge of catering for two days 8th & 9th March for volunteers and around 300 people to feed and water. Also containers & more ingredients for the One Pot Eazi Meal first packing of 4000 meals on 29th March.

One Pot Eazi Meals

1st & 2nd photo - SACS Junior School pupils and moms packing the One Pot Eazi Meals thanks to a generous donation from The Rotary Club of Nash Rocky Mount in the USA. A new Cape Town Red Hat Renegades initiative to feed the poor where volunteers will pack the meals and they are sold at cost. We are able to feed 4 people for SA Rand 5 (half a Dollar). This will be a sustainable project.

3rd, 4th & 5th photo - Interactors and 45 pupils of Settlers High School in Bellville have fun packing the the One Pot Eazi Meals. In an hour, they packed 180 and were given 40 to either sell or donate to one of their community projects. Each packed meal contains Mild curry flavoured Soya Mince, soup mix, dehydrated vegetables, stock and rice. A high protein, nourishing meal suitable for vegetarians as well as being Halaal.

6th photo - Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars doing One Pot Eazi Meal packing in my kitchen. I am hosting Mary Ta (left) during her year long stay in South Africa. Kathleen (right) is from the same town in Virginia as Mary Ta and are both studying Social Justice at UCT.

7th photo - The girls seems to be enjoying the packing. All meals are packed by volunteers.

8th photo - A donation of hundreds of meals to Gift of the Givers who will distribute to those in need. Sponsored by The Rotary Club of Claremont.

Up-cycling and Re-positioning

400 little wooden IT enclosures off the desks of members of the House of Assembly in Parliament Cape Town were going to be dumped. I collected them and have up-cycled them into useful shelves by just turning them upside down and screwing them into a wall. They have a myriad uses and mainly for township residents who have little storage. I have decorated many of them with pretty shiny stickers which will be given to the girls and boys of Heideveld Secondary School who spent an afternoon making the Good Night and God Bless sleeping bags.

S.A. Children’s Home Gift Packs

1st photo - The first shopping day. An unexpected generous donation from Hin Wah allowed me to give each child at the Home two pairs of casual socks. Not as easy at it seems as buying socks for thirty two boys and girls of different ages and shoe sizes became a little confusing when socks come in packs of 3 or 5 and cover at least 3 different sizes. So my list of each size required, became null and void, and I had too many of one size and too few of others. Laying out the gift bags with name and size I could then see which sizes were missing So a new list and off to the shops.

2nd photo - After the second shopping trip. All children now have two pairs.

3rd photo - The final gift packs. Packed with lollipops, the gifts are ready for delivery. Thank you Hin Wah Li.

Al-Noor Orphanage

1st photo - These were the cupboards in the girls dormitories which, with funding from my Rotary Club, have been replaced with three door wardrobes for hanging and shelving space.

2nd photo - The showers have new curtains and proper underwear hangers.

3rd photo - The children enjoying their fish and chips on the new colourful table cloths we donated.

4th photo - With Interact girls from San Souci, Claremont Rotaract and a couple of us from Claremont Rotary, we gave the children a fun day ending with goodie bags, sweetie boxes and a fleece blanket for each child. Lunch came from Ocean Basket in Canal Walk delivered by the Manager which was their contribution for Nelson Mandela's 67 minutes. 67 portions of fish and chips, salad and juice.

The Bling Lite

Gives off bright light at night. Safe, stable and costs nothing to make.

Bread for the Body and Soup for the Soul 2014

Once again SACS Junior School collected a huge amount of bread and soup (about 800 loaves and 800 packets and tins of soup) which we distributed to The Carpenters Shop, Welverdind Old Age Home, and many other homes for the aged run by CPOA. My car could only carry 200 loaves of bread and 400 tins/packets of soup which went to The Carpenters Shop and Welverdind. The outline is a cup of steaming soup! Very clever.

Interact Conference 25th - 27th July 2014

1st photo - Great fun being a judge at the annual potjiekos competition won by the Blouberg Club.

2nd photo - A collection of projects for the Interact Conference

3rd photo - The winners being announced. The party continued well into the night but the judges went home to sleep

4th photo - I was asked to "show and tell" my various inexpensive community projects to the many Clubs who came to freezing Franschoek for the weekend. We had an amazing time and got to know so many of the young people from other clubs.

Gardening at Includid

A beautiful day for preparing more veggie gardens for the residents of the nine homes which make up the village for the mentally challenged in Maitland.

International Older Persons Day 1st October 2014

A truly fabulous day for the 73 pensioners from Welverdind Old Age Home who we took on a secret day outing. No one other than Liz, Margie, Roy and the two coach drivers knew our destinations. We were lucky that the sun shone brightly with little wind, so our first secret venue was Table Mountain. The whoops of delight when told they were actually going up the mountain was so rewarding as most of them had never been up the cableway. Thanks to the Table Mountain Cable company the trips were free. The going up and coming down took longer than planned as there were hundreds of tourists, but the day was quite flexible.

From there the next secret venue was Fish on the Rocks in Hout Bay. Delicious fish, chips, and salad, followed by a Magnum Ice-cream as dessert. Most had never had the money to buy a R20 Magnum , so a real treat and they were over the moon. Najme gave us a 20% discount on the meal.

From there our last secret venue was the Two Oceans Aquarium and once again most had never been there either. Again 60 free entries for the group. The shepherds looking after the flock were Liz, Margie and Roy without whose help we could have lost our flock. It was a wonderful day and we eventually arrived back to Rondebosch at 5pm where each of our happy and exhausted Butterflies received a great surprise goodie bag filled with treats, toiletries and random gifts, much of which were donated by the children/parents of Sacs Junior School. Margie and I spent hours packing 80 goodie bags which we had to get from Sacs to the coaches on Wednesday but thanks to Margie and one of the mothers, it was achieved. Welverdind are the first members of the new Butterfly Club which I have dreamed up for pensioners living on a government pension.

1st photo - Lunching at Fish on the Rocks in Hout Bay.

2nd photo - Happiness is... a day out!

Santa Shoe Box Project

The residents of Arcadia Old Age Home helping to cover and pack Santa shoe boxes.

Erica Home for the Aged, Silvertown

I was invited by Disaster Management to take tea with the elderly at the Erica Home for the Aged in Silverton on Monday 13th October.

This was another celebration of International Older Persons Day which now runs for the whole of October. Many speeches and entertainment by M2 and a few Cape Town Minstrels before enjoying some social time with the residents. While it was a sort of fun day, it was also quite depressing to see how so many of our elderly pensioners try to live off a Social Grant of R1320. What little is left after paying rental allows for no luxuries, or what we take for granted. Many of the residents are suffering with dementia and very frail. I sat next to Harry who told me about his life from Standard 3, until he started weeping when he got to Standard 8. So terribly terribly sad, but he has travelled and lived in London for many years. An educated man and a pleasure to speak to.

Settlers High School Interactors in Wallacedene

Settlers High School Interact Club with teacher Liezel Engelbrecht on our way to Wallacedene with food and toys escorted by Capt. Niemand of the Kraaifontein Police.
Settlers High School Interact Club packed 200 One Pot Eazi Meals and distributed the meals to community of Wallacedene on 11th May 2015.

Rotaractors pack toy parcels for children

On Sunday 8th December a team of volunteers headed by our own Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Mary Ta and ably assisted by Kathleen our other Ambassadorial Scholar, Kathleen's husband Ryan, Austin (the tall guy from Texas and also studying at UCT), plus Omar on a visit to South Africa, popped around and sorted through bags and bags of toys donated by Wynberg Rotaract's Uncle Paul's Christmas parties. Once they had discarded broken or dirty toys, they repacked for St. Cyprians Anglican Church, Langa, children's party. Then the group went through bags and cartons of non-perishables donated by PPD and weighed and packed into 35 food parcels for the SA Children's Home. I was able to sit back and direct operations. As far as the young people are concerned, this is another case of Rotary's Service above Self selflessness.

Projects of late 2014 and early 2015

1st photo - An anonymous donor (father of a son at SACS Junior) donated over 200 sweetie packs which were given to S A.Children's Home and St. Cyprian's Anglican Church as Christmas gifts.

2nd photo - First sample of The Stork Baby Box based on the Finnish Baby Box (and with their blessing) and a work in progress. The baby boxes will be donated to new disadvantaged mothers in Hout Bay and Tafelsig through Pascap Trust. Each baby box will have a mattress, linen, baby clothing and baby toiletries.

3rd photo - A large donation of toiletries collected by cabin crew of SAA airways gift packed for the elderly of GH Starck home for the aged in Hanover Park.

4th photo - My team of helpers preparing early morning breakfast for volunteers of the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour. We had to feed 350 very hungry people who were in the city by 4am on 8th March.

Our History

The Cape Town Red Hat Renegades came about after a serendipitous meeting with two American couples while cruising the Canal du Midi in 2003. The two wives were members of the Red Hat Society in North Carolina and their comments that “four old ducks manning a barge without any assistance from men, were the perfect candidates to join the millions of Red Hatters around the world. You ladies are quite mad!"

In the early years, starting in 2004 we photographed all our activities in the townships around Cape Town and printed them for our Project Book. We never thought that we would ever afford to run a website as all funds went into working in the disadvantaged townships, that is until we discovered a web designer who was affordable and we decided it was imperative we make ourselves known on the internet. Only a few random photographs of our early years have been taken from our Project Book just to record our history. Most of the photographs are self explanatory. We were involved in all sorts of fund raising events – bridge drives, selling books at a charity book sale for three full days,flea markets selling off anything we could lay our hands on. We even managed to get permission to run a beautiful flower exhibition at our famous Irma Stern Museum. For three years we hosted Surviving the Adventure Race where corporate teams of 8 were given a day of adventure, bonding and challenges. Possibly the challenge no one will ever forget is the Throw the Dice challenge where the unsuspecting who threw a 6 had to eat a sheep’s eyeball. Or perhaps having to eat live meal worms after a cocktail of Tabasco, yogurt, chutney and raisins. It was truly horrible. We have now progressed to the digital world of uploading photos online to record events.